Laser tag

Our neighbors at the Sportcamping, UP Events, will take you into the exciting world of laser tag. This is an exciting activity for both men and women. Imagine yourself in an Elite Special Force team and have fun in the large outdoor arena of 900 m².

Wat can you expect?

  • Professional instructors
  • 0,5/1 hour sessions
  • High-end equipment
  • A professional event space
  • English / Dutch speaking instructors

220509 UP Events 161 220509 UP Events 145

During this game, the teams will have to work together while the opponents lie in wait. Stress, ad-hoc decisions and excitement alternate. Think fast, act strategically, consult, make choices  and especially teamwork will bring your team to victory.

The playing field is perfectly suited for both beginners  and the trained experienced player. Due to the well thought out layout of the playing field, different tactics and games can be played.


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