About us

How we came to start a campsite...? There you ask us something. Call it the coincidence of a dream. Suddenly, the moment arrived when we could actually set up a campsite in Amsterdam. From then on, our lives turned into a rollercoaster. Laying sewers, water, electricity. Buying sanitary facilities and many other things. Arranging one billion things. A few things going wrong but fortunately many more things right. Step by step and little by little we are approaching the opening. We have put all our heart and soul into making the campsite as beautiful and nice as possible. And we can give away now: It will be beautiful! They predict a lovely spring and summer so we sincerely hope to welcome you on our super cosy and atmospheric campsite. 

 On the bottom photo our dog Boogie. When she is not sleeping, she always keeps an eye out and loves to be petted. 

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